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McGee's Transportation is a privately held corporation headquartered in Chicago, IL. our company has a total logistics service provider that offers a wide range of transportation services including: non emergency transportation to the elderly and the disabled before, during and after-school care and family transportation. We are a service-oriented company which caters to people in need of reliable transportation services.

One of the biggest problems that the elderly and disabled are constantly dealing with is quality and affordable transportation. It does not matter if they live in a rural area or in the inner city. Transportation is always in the media as a concern for the elderly, disabled, single parents as well as two parent homes trying to get their children safely to and from school.

In the inner city a single parent with two or more children can find it quite difficult to transport laundry and groceries on public transportation. Latch key kids who are coming home alone are afraid that "Stranger Danger" may be watching as they exit off the city transportation to go home to an empty house. Taxis are a luxury and not affordable on a daily basis.

According to the Department of Human Services annual report 2006, the non-emergency transportation provided is not reliable, sanitary, nor is it safe.  These individuals deserve clean, quality, and reliable transportation this is why I am presenting to the market McGee’s Transportation Services .

McGee’s Transportation is appropriate for patients who DO NOT need medical care or medical monitoring during their travel. We are here to supply all of your transportation needs.

Our rates are affordable and computed based on the following:

  • One-way/Round Trip base cost wheelchair transportation
  • Waiting time
  • Amount of people and miles
  • We accept checks and Medicare/Medicaid

We service all medical appointments:

  • Doctor's Appointments
  • Non-Emergency Hospital Visits
  • Hospital Discharge
  • Dialysis
  • Physical Therapy and Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Dental Appointments

Remember traveling with McGee's Transportation Services, you are traveling with the best safe and secure.